Free Classified Advertising. Use It or Lose It.

Gone are the days of submitting your website to countless free classified sites and getting little or no results and to make matters worse all you’d get for your efforts was an endless flow of spam from other upgraded members of that site.The face of free classifieds has changed dramatically and not only can you get free,Free Classified Advertising. Use It or Lose It. Articles targeted traffic but you can also get a link pointing to your site from a site with a Google Page Rank of 8 which certainly can’t hurt.It was surprising to discover that Google returned 963,000 results for the phrase “Free Classified Advertising” without the quotes. Using the quotes Google returned 1,850,000 results. What was even more surprising was that the #1 Free Classified site, Craigslist, with a Google page rank of 8 wasn’t anywhere to be found using that search phrase. Craigslist has helped provide me with a loyal following of opt-in subscribers. By placing a small ad, pointing to my blog, which contains an opt in form and offering a free ebook for subscribing I’ve managed to build a good sized list. Slowly but surely.Yahoo Free Classifieds came up in the #1 spot for the search phrase above. Another oddity I don’t quite understand. They’ve been around for quite sometime and will be long after top classified sites we’re all gone. Results from them are still on the upswing. They have always provided a good result whether it be for list building or something for sale. I’ve used Yahoo since 1997 and have always been pleased with the results. USFreeads is my next choice. They’ve got the free version and an upgraded version. You can’t go wrong with the upgraded option which runs just $10 bucks a month. I highly recommend you take advantage of the upgrade. You won’t even miss the $10. You’ll have the ability to place unlimited ads, change the font size, color and style, upload pictures to enhance your ad. They also put your ad on all 50 of their partner sites. The results will not disappoint you. The amount of traffic you get from using the above sites will vary and overall will depend on several points.1. Is the Headline an intention getter.2. Is the ad thought out and well written.3. Have you used images where allowed, to describe and enhance your ad.And last but not least. Do you plan to take action and implement the resources above? If you take no action then you can expect nothing to happen.Utilize the above and you’ll have something to show for it. Such as an increase in visitors to your site, an increase in sales, not to mention, more money in your wallet.Before I wrap this up, here’s one more tip. Don’t stop with these 3 sites. With 1,850,000 sites left I’m sure there are more that are just as good as the 3 I’ve described.Good Luck with your marketing efforts and all that you do!