50 games and 230 developers for Playstation

Allegedly, there are 50 games coming between October this year, the month that Playstation VR will finally see a release date, and the end of the year. 50 complete-and-ready-to-go games for the VR users to grab and play. That is a big number, I’d dare say. However, that is not all.

Sony knows how much gamers, and not only, love their share of Star Wars content. So, in what came like a surprise, Sony will have their edition of a Star Wars Battlefront experience exclusive for Playstation VR. That was the other big reveal of the night, although in my opinion, the sheer number of developers working right now to bring VR content to Playstation VR was the important news.
230 developers working on Playstation VR

230 developers have been confirmed  Relax Gaming เว็บตรง ปลอดภัย และมั่นคง สล็อตแตกง่ายตัวจริง to work in content destined for Playstation VR. Some of them: Square Enix, 2K Games, Crytek, Koname, Sega, etc. There are many other high-profile developers in the list, but there are also studios that shined in their absence. Obsidian, Epic Games, Bungie and others seem to not yet be convinced that VR is actually gonna be the next big thing in gaming.

But enough about numbers. I’m sure you probably yearn to know more about the actual titles themselves. Tumble VR is a puzzle game that lets you stack blocks and solve puzzles in the process; Waywark Sky is a VR adventure that lets you explore a floating fortress searching for your friends; Xing: The Land Beyond is a first person puzzle-adventure game where you die and welcomed in a distant land where you must learn more about yourself on the way; Gary the Gull, a virtual reality, interactive movie that lets you go in adventures with Gary, a talking Gull. Those are only some of the titles confirmed for Playstation VR